from a gamekeeper in Argyll

Limited Editions of virtually any of my original paintings can be normally obtained to order from my digital file. Image sizes can be chosen as desired, but ideally a proper Limited and Numbered Edition should be an exact size of the Original Painting.

Obviously to achieve the individuality of each would have to be calculated accordingly and independently, and a purchase price would be given by email or verbally on request. These would of course be on top quality paper on a the Giclee Printing principle and delivered to a chosen address in a single suitable mount ready for the framer. Each one signed and numbered.

Limited Editions to a standard A3 image size would be a fixed £150 each printed on appropriate paper on the Giglee principle of reproduction. Each in a single suitable mount. Then each numbered and signed and delivered to a chosen address ready for the framer.

The paintings shown here are typical examples, and others can be chosen as limited editions from other pages on this website

The Washerwoman